Ghostgirl's canine star Numpty  

Our film being about a blind man, we needed a guide dog - but we didn't want to be conventional about it, oh no!

As he'd only been blind for a short time, it was decided that 'John' would still have the dog he had before his accident and that dog ('Atticus' in the script) would be played by the young bulldog 'Numpty'.

Numpty is 2 yrs old and belongs to our animal trainer, Donna. He's new to the business, and presented a very particular problem... he's profoundly deaf!

    Ghostgirls animal trainer Donna with Numpty

So we had a profoundly deaf dog acting the part of a blindman's guide dog - brilliant. Definitely ticked the 'unconventional' box there, then.

Thankfully, Donna is one of the UK's most talented animal trainers with a CV to prove it, from 'Stardust' to 'Golden Compass' to all the 'Harry Potter' films (in fact, she still owns one of the cats that played 'Crookshanks', Hermione's muse), so with a lot of coaxing - and a cellar full of chicken pieces - she somehow managed to get Numpty to do EVERYthing we needed him to!

He pretty much steals every scene he's in, and is sure to be a (somewhat furry) star of the silver screen very soon. Who says you should never work with children or animals?!

*We took video of Donna working with Numpty, both on and off set, so will upload some clips here very soon...*