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'Ghostgirl' to be shown at Peel Centenary Centre...
We will be showing Ghostgirl on the Isle of Man at this lovely venue, as part of the excellent 'Films In Peel' programme for Autumn, on WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 9th 2011. Tickets for all films cost £4 (or £3 concs.) and will be available two weeks before screening date from Celtic Gold in Peel or on the door. Reservations can be made through Shakti Man (Ramsey),Thompson Travel (Port Erin), Peter Norris Music and Mostly Manx (Douglas).

For more information about Films In Peel, and to see the fabulous schedule for this season, visit their website.

Behind the scenes clip...
As Ghostgirl premiere's in New York, we thought we'd share some behind the scenes footage with you; this clip shows Chelsea, Tony and Shaun (with Director Dave Armstrong in the background) rehearsing the fight scene - a little bit too enthusiastically!

'Ghostgirl' - fight scene rehearsals from Christy DeHaven on Vimeo.

13.10.10 New York New York!

Just had confirmation from the lovely folk at NY United that 'Ghostgirl' has been officially selected to be be screened at the festival - our first international screening!
October 27nd, 2010 (WEDNESDAY), 5:15 p.m.
Cobble Hill Cinemas, 265 Court Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231


10.09.10 MannIN Shorts Screening

Writer/Director Dave Armstrong, Producer Phil Gates and Co-Producer Christy DeHaven have been hard at work coming up with a new IOM film initiative. 'MannIN Shorts' will be a scheme to help promote & make film on the Isle of Man, and to provide a means to support the incredible film making talents over here. The scheme will be introduced to the public with a very special night dedicated to Short Film, which will open this year's IOM Arts Council Film Festival, and 'Ghostgirl' will be shown to the film making audience. Other contributors on the night include the guys from Future Shorts, and 'Guerilla Handbook' author Chris Jones, who'll show a 35mm print of his Oscar shortlisted 'Gone Fishing'.

02.08.10: Festivals & Premiere news...

We've now sent Ghostgirl out to several festivals both in the UK and the US, including BFI London Film Fest, Glasgow, Leeds, Chicago and Philadelphia Film Festivals - can highly recommend for simplifying the entry process. We'd actually missed the deadline for one of the major ones we wanted to enter, but the lovely organisers allowed us a 'waiver' to ensure Ghostgirl could be considered. A copy has also been sent to Laura Marling's manager, as requested, following her publisher's approval for us to use her fantastic song 'Night Terror'

We can also confirm that Isle of Man Premiere for Ghostgirl will be held as part of our new "MannIN Shorts" Film Making Initiative launch night. This is happening Sept 9th, which is the opening night of the Arts Council's Isle of Man Film Festival. The event will play host to a panel of inspiring, influential and well respected industry figures who will be taking part in a Q&A before showing their own short films. Tickets are a mere £6.50 - you can buy them now by calling the booking office: 01624 600555.

04.07.10: Cast and Crew Screening

Sunday, July 4th may have been Independence Day for our American followers, but it's also the eve of the Isle of Man's National Celebration 'Tynwald' - and was the day we chose for our Cast & Crew Screening of 'Ghostgirl'. And the reception has been incredible! It's always difficult when you've been so very close to a project to know how people will receive it; well, safe to say we were all EXTREMELY pleased with the response. Getting to see it on a proper big cinema screen (thanks to Seamus Shea and the lovely folk at the Broadway Cinema) was an emotional moment, too. Softies that we are ;)

Just a few more tweaks now on audio & grading, and we'll be ready for our proper public Premiere at the Isle of Man Film Festival in September. More about that later though. Meantime, here's first draft of our poster art, which is about to go viral on your asses...Enjoy!

Ghostgirl Poster

Since starting the blogs about 'Ghostgirl', we've been inundated with questions about using the Canon 5D, and have even caused a bit of a stir in blogland...(cont below)

Although these are relatively early days to choose DSLR to shoot a short film, we did our research. Thanks to the pioneering work of filmmakers like Philip Bloom and Vincent Laforent, we were convinced to look at alternatives to just renting a 'Red' camera kit and opted instead for buying a Canon and Zacuto rig. The fact that the majority of 'Ghostgirl' was set in the house of a blind man (!), at night, (!!) means we really put the kit to the test. But we've been extremely happy with the results and although we are still in post-production, we wanted to share the above series of shots with you to give you an idea of what this camera - which is going some way to change the face of the indie film industry - can achieve...)

Equipment used...

A lot of people want to know more about the kit we used? well, you'll know by now that we shot entirely using an HDSLR rig - after a whole lotta research, we went for the much talked about Canon Eos 5D (MK2) for the camera body, a variety of Canon lenses incl. 24-70 zoom, a 50mm prime and a 28mm prime, the Zacuto tripod and sniper handheld rig and a 2m GlideTrack. You can see Dave proudly showing off his wares in finest Debbie Magee style in a series of videos we've put together - here's two of the three, the other is also viewable on our DAM Productions YouTube Channel.




VISIT OUR BLOG for the story of how 'Ghostgirl' came into being, and for personal notes from Writer/Director Dave Armstrong about using the Canon 5D/Zacuto rig etc