About Ghostgirl...

Ghostgirl is a short film originally written by Dave Armstrong, later honed and chiselled by a creative coupling with Phil Gates, Dave's film-obsessive Producer friend. The two bonded over a mutual love of Waitrose Stem Ginger shortbreads and Earl Grey Tea with Vanilla (shameless plug in hope of freebies...hint hint)

At the backend of 2009, having organised an Acting for Screen Workshop with Lee Boardman and Lesley Manning, the two were so inspired by the experience that they decided to stop arsing around over tea and biscuits and just Get The Damn Film Made.

A few months, a shiny new Canon 5D and a lotta biscuits later, and that's exactly what they did. Don't want to give too much away here as it's a pretty unique story, but here's a little teaser to give you an idea of how the footage is looking. Hope you like it..

NB: Big thanks to the Isle of Man Arts Council who've been extremely supportive throughout the process and helped fund the shoot.



-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VISIT OUR BLOG for the story of how 'Ghostgirl' came into being, and for personal notes from Writer/Director Dave Armstrong about using the Canon 5D/Zacuto rig etc